At Envelop, we develop mobile, social and transmedia projects.  We work with partners to develop their ideas and we also create our own. All of these projects are broadly entertainment based and leverage the latest technology platforms and audience trends.

Take a look at the current slate of:

Over and above these specific projects we also provide consulting services. Get in touch if you have any questions.

As well as developing its own intellectual property, Envelop offers its skills and experience to media producers, networks and broadcasters to collaborate on multiplatform entertainment products. Envelop has developed a network of highly skilled practitioners in online media, console & PC games, multi-platform narrative and social media.  All gained from experience working for companies such as WPP, Omnicom, Foxtel, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, THQ and Hoodlum.

Envelop services focus on creative and concept development, specifically:

-Developing interactive environments around existing characters, stories and narrative arcs that are immersive and engaging.

-Extending content to social networks and social media platforms to add value to existing story franchises as well as marketing and promoting programming to new audiences.

-Advising on selection and use of appropriate digital platforms based on audience demographic s and relevant story dynamics.

Aside from this, Envelop also works to provide:

Production planning and technical due diligence

-Advice on technology platforms and best practice integration methodologies

-Executive production management and vendor selection supervision

Business case modeling for interactive products

-Consultation to understand and evaluate market size and viability for emerging platforms

-Financial modeling to determine feasibility, required breakeven and success metrics

Strategic development

-Identifying and developing mutually beneficial alliances and relationships with potential partners.

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